Abortion Options

Types of Abortions

Abortion, or termination of pregnancy, is a safe medical procedure used to end pregnancy through aspiration or surgical intervention or by taking medication.

We understand that women at all stages of their reproductive life can find themselves faced with having to make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Our services provide women with a supportive, compassionate, and confidential environment in which to discuss and assess available options. We assist you in deciding what the right procedure is for you, depending on your preferences and the stage of the pregnancy. We offer medication to help with the anxiety and comfort with all procedures

Medication Abortion

Also known as "the abortion pill" can be done from 4 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Three clinic visits on three separate days are required for this type of abortion: Counseling/Office Visit, Medication Delivery, and Follow Up.

With the abortion pill, you may experience cramping, heavy bleeding, and clots. The process can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours and in some cases it may take up longer.

Aspiration Abortion

This type of abortion, can be done from as soon as 2 weeks through14 weeks of pregnancy. The process involves use of gentle suctioning and a silent vacuum. The average time for the procedure itself is a little as 4 minutes. IV moderate sedation ("twilight sleep") is available at no additional charge.

Surgical Abortion

While termed "surgical", this is a very short and safe procedure done from 15 weeks through 21 weeks of pregnancy. IV moderate sedation ("twilight sleep") is provided at no additional charge.

What’s best for you?

The decision regarding which type of abortion you have is up to you, taking in to account your length of pregnancy, particular circumstances, medical history and personal preference. If you are unsure about what is the right option for you, we are here to help.

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Considering An Abortion?

Wisconsin law requires 24 Hour Consent. Click the button to learn more.

Considering An Abortion?

Wisconsin law requires 24 Hour Consent. Click the button to learn more.

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